How To Wake Up Early: 8 Benefits of Waking up Early
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How To Wake Up Early: 8 Benefits of Waking up Early

Rising early is the secret to productivity for many successful people. From athletes to doctors, people who get things done benefits of waking up early because it gives you a headstart to your day and more time to complete errands or work.


Waking up early may seem difficult, especially for night owls, but it has great benefits, including improving sleep quality, mental health, and productivity. In our article, we take a look at the various benefits of early rising and offer advice on how you can begin waking up early so you start your days off right.



1. Improved Cognitive Function


Early risers tend to concentrate better and be more alert and energized throughout the day.


There is a possible link between waking up early and success. A 2010 study found morning people are more proactive and goal-oriented, have strong problem-solving skills, and do well in school, eventually going to good colleges and landing high-paying jobs.


A 2008 study found college students who were self-proclaimed “morning people” earned a full grade point higher than those who stayed up late. Sleeping poorly is related to worsened cognitive performance including poor memory, trouble concentrating and thinking, and mood swings.



2. Better Sleep Quality


Adequate and consistent sleep improves blood pressure, the immune system, basic brain functions, mood, and gives your body time to repair itself. Waking up early makes going to bed early easier, and keeping consistent sleep and wake times regulates your circadian rhythm and leads to deeper sleep at night.

women sleeping peacefully on pillow because she  waking up early

People who have a consistent sleep schedule are less tired during the day. On the other hand, individuals who stay up late and wake up late are more likely to develop sleep disorders and be regularly fatigued.



3. Extra Time to Eat Breakfast


If you wake up late and have to rush out the door, you’re more likely to grab a quick and unhealthy snack or skip breakfast entirely. Late sleepers and risers eat 248 more calories per day, half as many fruits, and veggies, and twice as much soda and fast food compared to people who sleep and rise early.


When you wake up early, you have time to make a well-round and healthy breakfast. With a satiating first meal, you’re more likely to make healthier snacking choices later on in the day, potentially minimizing your risk of weight gain and obesity.



4. Time for Morning Workouts


For busy individuals, early mornings might be the only time to fit exercise in. After long school or workdays, getting to the gym can be difficult and you might feel unmotivated.

It can be easy to skip a workout after a long day, but it’s not so easy to do so in the mornings.

man running in morning after waking up early

Getting a workout in the morning, when you’re feeling the most energized, not only starts your day on the right foot but is important for your physical and mental health.


Exercise reduces your risk of heart disease, improves your mood, regulates blood sugar, controls your weight, improves your cognitive function, among many other benefits.


Health and wellness coach Shawna Robins suggests, “Keep your water bottle, shoes, or exercise mat next to your bed so you can just roll out and into your exercise routine.


Keep it simple and easy so that you can make it happen every day. Some of my clients even wear their workout clothes to bed so they are ready to go. Exercise with a friend or take a class to help you cultivate a consistent routine.”



5. Better Mood and Mental Health


Individuals who wake up early have more positive thoughts compare to night owls. They’re found to be more optimistic, agreeable, conscientious, and satisfied with life. Female early risers are also much less likely to develop mental illnesses, such as depression or anxiety.


People who wake up early typically go to bed earlier, as well. When you sleep the recommend 7 to 9 hours, your body and mind have enough time to restore themselves, resulting in a healthier body and mind.



6. Reduces Stress

By waking up early, you can minimize stress and finish work without an add time crunch or any pressure. There’s no need to rush places since there’s little traffic to make you late, so you can take your time. Being well-rest also improves your ability to problem-solve.



7. Increases Organization and Productivity


Many early risers take advantage of their mornings by setting goals and planning for the day. Planning is link to improve productivity as you have extra time in the day to complete tasks early or try new things. It minimizes forgetfulness, especially if you’ve written your daily plan down.


Also, people tend to be alert in the mornings, and quiet mornings give you uninterrupted time to complete your work.



8. Peaceful Mornings


Waking up early isn’t always about being more productive. If you have children or live with others, you can use early mornings to enjoy time to yourself and have a relaxing, quiet morning routine.


For people who work in the mornings, you can skip the aggravating commute to work and get there before peak traffic by waking up a little earlier. Getting to work sooner also gives you time to complete tasks before others arrive and potentially distract you.